3 tips to stop your electric water heater from wasting energy and money

Electric water heaters waste more than 60 EUR per year per family, by heating up right after you use hot water, even if you do not need it any time soon (article).

STOP this now with these 3 steps:
1. Heat up water only when you actually need it to avoid energy waste.
You will need a programmable plug to do this. You can choose a standard Wi-Fi plug, a programmable clock plug or KLUGIT. Find the right choice for you here.

Program it in order to start heating before you will need hot water. You need some trial error to get the right timing, unless of opt for KLUGIT to self program it for you. 

2. Set the temperature in the rotating knob to the minimum possible.
You will have to do several tests till you get it right so you don’t run out of hot water.


3. Make sure the room where it is installed has all windows closed
and it is properly air sealed.

Alternatively to all 3 steps you can purchase a new electric water heater with a smart function built-in. Or convert your current water heater into a smart device with KLUGIT.

Find out more here. A comparison between the different solutions:
-> Should I buy a SMART electric water heater?

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