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Smart mode & hot water
What is Smart Mode?
Smart mode learns your hot water usage routine and heats up water only when it will be needed, decreasing wasted energy and delivering you savings. In the app, below Smart Mode, you are able to see your daily Hot water needs learnt by the Smart Mode.
But I thought it was more efficient to leave it always ON.
No, electric water heaters are always heating up water and keeping it hot. They have insulation but it is not 100% effective so heat escapes through the device. Heat is energy and money that you are wasting, so you should only heat it before you are going to need hot water. Just like making tea ;)
How do I know when Smart mode is expecting hot water usage?
In the app, below Smart Mode you will see next expected hot water needs. We are working on a second screen where you will be able to edit and add hot water needs (to be released in the next version of the app).
What if I need hot water when Smart mode was not expecting to?
You can press the Heat Now button in app. Heat Now is only available when Smart Mode is ON, to allow you to do a one time request of hot water when it was not expected. Heating water outside routine can take 0 - 90 min depending on the current water temperature inside the water heater. In next app version we will be able to provide this feedback of the current status and how long it will take to heat up.
My water is cold, what should I do?
If Smart Mode was ON, you can press Heat Now button in the app or just press Klugit’s plug button once (blue light).
What if I do not have my phone with me?
You can use Klugit's plug button (blue light) to switch between Smart Mode (blue light blinks softly), Normal mode (blue light always ON) and OFF (blue light OFF).
If I have friends sleeping over, or if I need more hot water than usual, what can I do?
You can, at any point, turn Smart Mode off so that the appliance is always heating hot water, just like before you had Klugit.
Can I damage my water heater or lose its warranty because of Klugit?
No, Klugit is not any different from a programmable plug and we do not interfere with appliance lifetime nor we require any tools for installation.
App configuration and pairing
Will Klugit app work with any smartphone?
Klugit Energy app is compatible with iOS 13 or higher and Android 8 or higher.
Setting up the app, it asks me “How many people live in my house?”. What if I have babies or teenagers that only sleep in occasionally?
Don’t worry, it will not have a major impact on the system, we just need to have an idea of the hot water that is needed and if the water heater capacity (liters) is well adjusted to the size of the family.
I do not know the capacity of my electric water heater.
All electric water heaters have a product label sticker at the bottom and on the side of the water tank. There you will find the capacity, power, etc.
Should I install the app and create an app for everyone living in the house?
You can install in as many devices as you want, but for now you can only associate one device per account, so please sign-in using the same account in every device. Additionally other users can interact with Klugit using the plug’s button (blue light), press once to change mode: Smart mode -> Normal mode -> OFF -> Smart mode -> ...
Installing Klugit plug
How can I go back to the app Step by Step installation guide?
Press the menu icon at the top of the app and select “Plug tutorial”.
Clipping the sensor, how do I know which one is the hot water pipe?
It is the left one with a red ring around it at the bottom of the water heater. You can also touch both water pipes and check which one it is hotter (if you open your hot water tap for few seconds before, this temperature difference will be higher).
I am not able to connect Klugit to my home Wi-Fi.
First you should confirm if the problem is the quality of the Wi-Fi signal near your water heater. You can test it by plugging Klugit to an electrical socket near your Wi-Fi router, and following the steps in the app, no need to have your water heater connected to it. Please note that your Wi-Fi should use a 2.4-GHz band, Klugit does not work on a 5-GHz band.
How can I perform a factory reset?
Just press Klugit’s plug button (blue light) for 10 seconds.
How can I check if the plug was properly installed?
The blue light should go from constant blinking to soft blinking (Smart Mode ON) or blue light always ON (Normal mode).
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