Demystifying Energy Waste & Savings

Do you know those advices your parents and grandparents used to give you, that were supposed to help save all this money in energy? The ones that you still apply to your everyday life, even though you don’t know if they are really true or not?

Klugit got your back. In this article we’ll demystify some of those sayings for you.

1. If I leave your fluorescent lights switched on, it uses less energy ➡️ MYTH.

Although they waste more energy in that initial phase when you turn them on, if you leave the room for more than a minute and a half, the energy wasted when they are running continuously will surpass the energy wasted by turning them off and back on when you return to the room. 

2. When I turn off my appliances, they stop absorbing power from the outlet ➡️ MYTH.

Remember this term: “phantom load”. Thanks to standby power settings, most electronics still waste energy while they are plugged in, so they’ll be ready for prompt usage! This ghostly energy is accountable for more that 10% of you electric bill, so in order to completely turn off your electronics and save energy, they need to be unplugged.

And your electric water heater is the worst "energy vampire" in your house, wasting more on standby, than all your other appliances combined! Learn more about that here.

3. In the future, my house won’t require as much insulation because of global warming ➡️ MYTH.

Climate change is not a synonym of a good and balanced temperature, but will more likely to bring uncertainty and volatility to the weather, so your house will still need insulation to cope with the more cold periods. In addition, global warming is a process, so the weather will not just change overnight, it can take about 50 years for the global temperature to rise about 2ºC.

4. Lowering my energy usage can turn out very expensive ➡️ MYTH.

You don’t always have to replace your appliances for new, smart or/and more efficient ones, in order to start saving some energy and money.
Smaller actions like seal air leaks, turn off lights when not using them, turn off your electronics completely from the outlet when possible and/or using programmable plugs with a timer, will definitely help you achieve higher energy and money savings.

For your electric water heater, for example, you have Klugit - a simple plug that turns your water heater into a smart and sustainable device, helping you save more than 90 euros every year!

5. I have to make sacrifices in order to save energy ➡️ MYTH.

Maybe your grandparents gave you the idea that in order to save some money on energy, all things possible must be done with our own hands, we must be shaking because of the cold in the winter and sweating in the summer.
But nowadays, with the innovations that we have at our disposal ,like smart devices and energy-efficient appliances, it’s possible to save energy in the comfort of our own couch, just by using our phone (take the example of Klugit).

So no! Sacrifice is not needed in order to reduce our energy consumption and our consequent carbon footprint. Small acts can make big differences and savings!

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