Do you own an electric water heater? It's wasting your energy and money!

Electric water heaters waste more than 90 EUR per year per family, on heat losses through their walls. Only in Europe this energy waste represents the same emissions of 2.2 coal-fired power plants.

Now think about a kettle to boil water for tea.


If you wanted a tea at 17:00 would you heat it up at 10:00 in the morning? No, because it would be cold by 17:00 and you would have to heat up again, wasting more energy.

But this is what is happening with your electric water heater!

As soon as finish to shower your electric water heater starts to heat up water straight away even though most probably you will only need hot water again by the end of the day or next morning.

Even with insulation, it needs to turn ON several times during the day to keep the water hot inside, since heat can escape through its walls. The hotter it is inside, the more heat, energy and money will be lost.

A standard 80L electric water heater wastes ~1.2kWh/day of heat through their walls, representing around 94 EUR/year*. But because every case is different, you can now calculate your own HOT WATER WASTE!

In Europe there is an estimate of 28 mio. electric water heater installed which gives 12,264,000,000 kWh per year of wasted energy. This represents the same emissions of 2 mio. cars on the roads in one year, or 2 coal-fired power plants (BTW bigger tanks bigger waste)!

Because of this, blankets for water heater are actually a thing 😵 Check this guy!

Now that you became aware that your electric water heater is wasting energy, you can know for sure how much money that means every year, with our ➡️Hot Water Waste Calculator!

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*(0.216 cts/kW)
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